About Ecomer

Ecomer StandKeypoints

  • Promotes a strong natural immune defence system
  • Helps ensure that the body has sufficient levels of alkylglycerols
  • Normalizes the level of blood cells
  • Ecomer is a result of over 50 years of scientific research and development work
  • A pure natural product without chemical additives
  • It is standardised and carefully controlled shark liver oil
  • The most active alkylglycerols have been isolated by a natural production process

Product Overview

Ecomer - family healthEcomer is a result of over 50 years of scientific research and development work conducted by several scientists around the world. Many studies have shown that Ecomer stimulates the immune system by increasing / balances the production of white blood cells (leucocytes) to the normal level and encouraging growth of antibodies.

A strong immune system helps the body to fight against various disorders. Ecomer is particularly rich in alkylglycerols.

Taking Ecomer capsules regularly helps ensure that the body has a sufficient level of the immune enhancing alkylglycerols.

Ecomer´s natural stimulating effect on the immune system makes it particularly useful during the cold and flu season.

The same stimulating action is also effective against various bacterial and fungal infections. People suffering from reduced white blood cell count and blood platelets will get an improved blood cell count and a strengthened immune system after regular intake of Ecomer.

Health benefits

  • Dramatic protection against the effects of radiation on blood cells, bone marrow, and tissue
    such as skin.
  • Inhibition of Tumour growth and promotion of tumour regression.
  • Increase of immuno-defence system (white blood cells and antibodies).
  • Significant boost in platelet counts.
  • Speed up of the growth of new healthy tissue and the healing of wounds.
  • Inhibition of bacteria and fungi.
  • An immune booster, alkylglycerol normalises bone marrow function but does not overstimulate it.
  • Decreases platelet aggregation and abnormal clots.
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory and vasodilator.
  • Antioxidant. The substances in shark liver oil act as an intracellular antioxidant, penetrating the cells where the most damage occurs.
  • Promotes a strong natural immune defence system
  • Normalises the level of white blood cells

History of Ecomer?

Ecomer ResearchEcomer, or shark liver oil, has a very long, interesting and fascinating history. We do not know exactly when oil from shark liver was used for the first time within the popular medicine, but we do know that in ancient times the oil played an important role for the fishermen especially at the Atlantic coast of Norway and Sweden.

A medical handbook from Iceland written in the 1830-1840´s describes the benefit with shark liver oil and is one proof of the long history. Thanks to the novel “The old man and the sea” written by E. Hemmingway we also know that shark liver oil was used by the fishermen in the Caribbean Sea.

Who should take Ecomer

  • People with compromised immune systems
  • Young children prone to colds and coughs
  • The elderly
  • People undergoing medical treatment
  • People with a family history of cancer
  • People suffering from:
    blood pressure, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, asthma, allergies, diabetics, psoriasis, bronchitis
  • People who would like to stimulate their immune system